Client Reviews

Reviews of clients from Andover, Hampshire and worldwide!

The name “natural health” and Kerrie are a very good fit, she’s very informative, kind, understanding and natural in her approach. I’ve received great information about natural remedies for better sleep and so many other things as I’m trying to shift to a more plant-based diet.

Though I live on the west coast in Canada, I’ve had several online sessions with Kerrie covering positive thinking, nutritional advice and more.

Kerrie will make sure you have the information you need at all times. She genuinely wants to make a difference and make you healthier according to what you need. I highly recommend her.


Vancouver, BC - Canada

I have been lucky enough to have a few treatments with Kerrie in her peaceful and relaxing treatment room. I felt comfortable and at ease and very confident in Kerrie’s safe and experienced hands. I found the treatments uplifting and I took away a remedy which really helped too. I recommend Kerrie without hesitation.


Wiltshire, United Kingdom

over the past 12 years my family and I have sought Kerrie’s advice and treatments, she is very knowledgeable, caring and would absolutely do all that she could do to help , thank you Kerrie!


Hampshire, UK

I’m so happy to have met Kerrie – she has the biggest, kindest heart. She’s a keen listener, gives excellent advice, and is a is a wealth of knowledge. More than that, she’s someone that genuinely cares about others and their well being, doing whatever she can to help.


Calais, France

Kerrie has an amazing talent. Her kind and caring manner and range of incredible treatments have resolved a range of health issues I have had over the past few years.

Thank you Kerrie for all your help and support. It really is valued and appreciated.


Hampshire, UK

I have been seeing Kerrie for more than 6 years, mainly receiving Kinesiology treatment, which is a treatment that had been successful for me. I have also had Reiki and healing sessions, which have both been positive. Kerrie is warm and deeply caring individual by nature and she takes the time to understand you. She has an incredible knowledge base and works gently and calmly through your treatments. I always leave feeling more relaxed and positive after a session with her – I would throughly recommend visiting Kerrie.


Hampshire, UK

I made contact with Kerrie after hearing about her experience of working with people who have had to flee war and conflict. We have had online counselling sessions regularly over the last 4 years where I have been given help with dealing with trauma and learning skills to help me to make the best of my current difficult situation. She has given me fantastic self help techniques and nutritional advice to help with stress and depression. Without her support and advice I would have found the last 4 years so much more difficult and am so grateful for her help. I can’t recommend her highly enough! There is not enough words to describe her. I really appreciate her help, she is amazing and what I have learned has kept me alive. Thank you for everything, this world really needs you.


Istanbul, Turkey

l have known this wonderful lady since more than 3 years .Although I only met her twice as she lives far away of Huddersfield ,she was able to support me in many ways either via phone or online chatting and her tips and advice were so beneficial for me to overcome the bad situations I had espicially the war trauma .She also provided me with lots of useful info regarding to nuetrition as the food we eat plays a major role of getting helthy body and healthy lifestyle .I highly recommend Kerrei’s natural health clinic .


Huddersfield, UK

Kerrie is so knowledgeable and always happy to help. Nothing is too much trouble. Great service.


Hampshire, UK

Kerries advice and treatments are excellent . I have had several massages and received nutritional / digestion advice and treatment from Kerrie which have helped so much with symptoms. Thanks Kerrie.


Hampshire, UK

In 2018, whilst still living in the UK, I approached Kerrie Morley to help me resolve a series of endocrine issues that I was facing.

I was having extremely heavy and long periods that were very painful, and I was experiencing mood swings, depression and hot flushes.

I had a scan at the Royal Free Hospital in about March 2018 and at the follow up meeting I was told by the doctor that I had a new fibroid, more than 50% the size of my uterus and that my uterine lining was thicker than normal.

It was recommended that I have a hysteroscopy and the letter I received from the Royal Free suggested that this procedure was needed to rule out cancer.

I began seeing Kerrie in about May 2018 for kinesiology and healing, and she recommended several homeopathic remedies, which I began taking immediately.

I had the hysteroscopy in September 2018 and I was informed that there was no fibroid and the the lining of my uterus was normal. There were no signs of cancer.

For me, this was something of a miracle and I believe that this was due to the healing and medication.


Paphos, Cyprus