Biophotonics – Power Up Your Body

Biophotonics – Power Up Your Body has been designed to help support a wide range of complex health conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Cancer, Lupus, Lymes Disease, ME, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune conditions

Biophotonics is the study of optical processes in the body and helps determine the health of internal tissue based on the transference of light and oxygen at a cellular level.

I am delighted to be one of only a few experienced healthcare practitioners in the UK to have been trained to offer a new Biophotonics healthcare protocol aimed at ‘Powering Up Your Body’.

In order to express the full potential that is contained in all of our completely unique DNA, we need to balance the light frequencies within our cells with the light frequencies that are all around us. If there is an imbalance in this frequency then we are often not able to utilise oxygen and vital nutrients as efficiently as we should, meaning we are not able to fully express our individual health and vitality.

‘Biophotonics – Power Up Your Body’ is a relatively new healthcare protocol which has been developed and fine tuned over the last 3 decades of research and clinical experience. It uses gentle, non invasive muscle testing techniques to determine the vitality of chemical pathways in the body in response to a series of 30 photonic biomarkers.

When our communication pathways become compromised we lose our ability to transfer the correct light frequencies, and in turn oxygen and vital nutrients, between the cells of the body. The eventual result of this is chronic complex health conditions.

This new protocol will be used to encourage greater health and vitality in those struggling with a chronic, complex health condition. It will include completely individualised nutritional support, tailored to support each person with their own specific health needs rather than a broad spectrum approach, and will support the whole body so is a completely holistic analysis of health.

Health Investment – Biophotonics session pricing

£150 for the first session

Includes a comprehensive health consultation and a treatment. Duration: 60-90 minutes.

£120 for each follow up session

Duration approx 60 minutes.

Recommended individualised nutritional support is an optional extra.
Between 3 & 6 sessions is usually recommended, depending on the health condition of each individual.